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The Montessori Infant & Toddler Cares Programs


Age Range: 6 months – 3 years

Areas of Learning:  

  • Language Development

  • Motor Skills Development

  • Cognitive Development

  • Social and Emotional Development

Little Boy Playing Doctor

The Montessori Infant & toddler programme offers more than childcare. In a Montessori environment, your infant and toddler will be amongst trained teachers and within an environment which fosters your child’s emerging independence and exploration. The environment supports the formative years of young children, with specialized equipment which enhances gross and fine motor skills, develops concentration and a sense of achievement. Our teachers will introduce new materials and stimulative activities to realize your child’s learning goals in language development, problem solving, visual discrimination and physical coordination.

Victoriashire Education provides the highest quality infant & toddler daycare for our beloved families. Babies this young require constant attention, lots of love, intentional engagement, and positive environments to flourish—all of which we administer with hefty doses of care and affection! We know it’s difficult to leave your brand new bundle of joy in the hands of others, but you can rest assured that our infant daycare program provides everything your baby needs while you’re away. 

Positive Early Development

Our infant education program provides the optimal caregiving environment for your baby. Around 80% of the brain develops during the first three years of life, and that’s why our infant daycare program is designed to protect, stimulate and nurture your baby physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally. Our developmental activities include:

  • Cuddling: Emotional bonding is important at this age, and our experienced, nurturing caregivers are well versed in infant care that promotes a secure attachment style. Lots of cooing, cuddling and giggling provide your baby with comfort and security.

  • Rhyming & Singing: We love to sing and rhyme with your little one! Song and music are effective in strengthening the brain’s neural development, while establishing a baseline positive mood in growing infants.

  • Story Time: At VIS, we believe that a love for literacy can never start too soon. Stories make up so much of our human existence, and reading to babies is one of our favorite tools to familiarize them with their new world—plus, story time enhances memory, listening, and awareness.

  • Attentive Talking: We don’t just talk to your baby in meaningless babble, rather we verbally communicate with your infant to begin the important process of learning language. Our caregivers teach communication skills through back-and-forth gestures, expressions, sounds, and words, tuning in to your child’s needs to encourage active responses.

  • Positive Play: Our hand-selected educational play activities are fun learning tools! Babies love them, and they help stimulate various areas of growth, including motor development, hand-eye coordination, visual tracking, and cognitive development.

We’ll Attend to Every Aspect of Your Infant’s Care

  • Safety First: Our learning centers meet the highest standards of excellence for safety, including all state and federal regulations, as well as those set by equipment manufacturers. Infants are developing their gross and fine motor skills at this time, and our caregivers provide constant supervision to ensure safety while encouraging physical exploration.

  • Stimulating Environments: There’s so much to take in from the world at this young age! Our nurseries and playrooms are designed to stimulate learning and movement while ensuring safety. Our infant centers are filled with books, pillows, blankets, and toys in a colorful, warm environment so your infant can explore his or her world securely.

  • Responsive Caregivers: Our caregivers are passionate about infant care, and treat every child with love and respect. As professionals in early childhood development, each caregiver is equipped with the knowledge, experience, and disposition to positively influence your little one during these formative years.

  • Partnership with Parents: We make it a priority to keep you updated about your baby’s progress with daily reports and regular communication, and we work with you to attend to your child’s specific, individualized needs. This can include developing a daily schedule together to identify the best way to plan playtimes, naptimes, and feeding times.

  • Unique Attention: By balancing planned and spontaneous activities, and working with parents to determine a schedule, we give each unique infant the love and direction they need to grow into inquisitive toddlers. At Victoriashire, your baby is able to grow at his or her own pace and develop according to his or her own unique disposition and abilities.

Our Philosophy for the Care of Infants

We believe in holistic child care that develops the whole child. We absolutely love working with families to provide a safe, warm environment for little ones to thrive while away from home. Of course, you can visit any time you want! Our philosophy is that a strong, devoted family system creates the foundation for happy, healthy children, and we see ourselves as an extension of your own family. We care deeply for every baby that is entrusted to us, and we are proud to have developed an infant education program that works so well to lay the groundwork for positive early childhood development.

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