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#2 Holistic education including performance arts as part of our curriculum

We include YAMAHA MUSIC FRIENDS COURSE as part of our curriculum, cultivating enthusiasm and sensitivity through musical activities for our students.  in addition, we also include other performance arts and sports education such as Ballet Course, Drama Play, Sports, Futsal, Gymnastic, etc.



1. Learning at your own pace

Although the lessons are conducted in a group, each student gets individual attention from the teacher during segments on repertoire playing. This allows them to either advance steadily or at a more leisure pace if they do not have time to practice at home. Each student will be able to achieve a learning milestone at his or her own pace. You can join the class anytime without worrying about age and feeling felt behind in class.

2. Interesting pieces to engage the children

Textbooks contain a variety of famous pieces. (classical masterpieces, e.g., Für Elise, Turkish March, jazz standards, Disney songs, and more). For all pieces, Yamaha adds arrangements and opulent accompaniments, and the experience gained from playing them along with orchestras or bands provides students a special worldview of each piece and nurtures their creativity.

3. Establishing stronger foundational skills in a group

To further enhance the basic skills developed, students will also experience the joy of playing music together with their friends, an experience unachievable in an individual lesson setting. Through simple finger exercises, ensemble playing and singing melodies, students are effectively trained in acquiring finger technique, good rhythm sense, and singing in correct pitch.

4. Supporting Self-Learning IT Tools

In the classroom or at home, students can watch and learn through model performances on the videos and practice with rhythmic accompaniment. This tool serves as a great support for individual practice and learning for Music Friends Course students’ music education journey.

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