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The admission procedure mentioned below serves as a guide for parents who wish to enroll their children at Victoriashire International School, Puchong.



1.     Application


Submit the duly completed Application Form, Application Fee and all the below required documents to the VISl.


An application form can be downloaded from online (please see below link)



[click to download]


•     2 copies of student’s recent passport-size coloured photographs

•     1 copy of each parent’s recent passport-size coloured photographs

•     1 copy of birth certificate and Identity Card/ Passport (including Student Visa for foreign students)

•     1 copy of each parent’s Identity Card/ Passport and Visa

•     Vaccination Record

•     1 copy of insurance policy

•     1 copy of child’s medical card/ health record (include immunization record)


The school administration reviews the application received and parents will be advised accordingly whether a place is available for the child in the requested year group.



2.     Assessment


Upon receipt of the application, our admissions team will contact you for an appointment to access the child to determine the acceptance and placement of the child.


Note: The nature of the assessment varies for different levels.  The placement of the child is at the absolute discretion of the school, and in this regard, the School generally takes into consideration various factors, including the child’s age, academic ability, level of achievement relative to the School’s current students and the child’s behaviour.



3.     Admissions and Registration


Payment of the Fees (i.e.  Registration Fee, Security Deposit, Material Fee, 1st Term Fee and Technology Fee) is required to confirm the place. If you requires further clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us at  We look forward to hearing from you.

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