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I am delighted to welcome you to our website.  I hope that as you navigate your way through each section you find all of the information you are looking for and gain an insight into our philosophy of education.  Victoriashire Education is dedicated to developing international education specially for young students. We specialise in early childhood education; we adopt international education system; and we focus all-round development employing STEAM approach to develop your child’s Digital literacy through Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths.  We care passionately about each child and their needs are our first priority. We feel our responsibility is to provide a learning environment that promotes a sense of security, engaging, fun learning and excellence in teaching. It is also our goal to nurture and develop every child that comes through our doors, and prepare them for their journey as a life-long learner.


We offer an exciting curriculum that draws upon contemporary research and best practices from around the globe; aimed at engaging and challenging our students’ thinking. Our hands-on, inquiry-based curriculum is comprehensive, provides a broader world perspective, promotes student-led inquiry and instills what we consider to be paramount; the joy of learning. We are employing International Inquiry-based Learning Program with play-based integration which is originated from Switzerland, guiding our students in their own inquiry process to becoming knowledgeable, principled, and open-minded thinkers. We are also elated to achieve a very high literacy rate by the time our children are ready to move on to primary school. Our curriculum is designed to develop thinking routines that encourages empathy and systems thinking, as well as to promote transdisciplinary skills and knowledge across Language, Science, Maths, Digital, Social Studies, Sports and Performance Arts in our early years settings.


Our highly qualified and dedicated teaching staff have excellent knowledge of the early years and are all certified for teaching. They receive on-going training that helps support their roles and responsibilities in the classroom. We proudly offer our innovative curriculum in a trilingual immersion setting - English/ Bahasa/ Chinese. We have a one teacher-one language policy within our organisation which provides our students the opportunity to communicate in different ways and develop trilingual skills, academic excellence, and positive cross-cultural and personal competencies.


We strongly believe education is a shared responsibility between school and home, and it is importance of teachers, parents, and administrators collaborating and communicating openly and frequently, to create a better learning experience for young students in their early ages.


Please explore our website for further details about our organisation or contact us to learn more. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to welcoming you to Victoriashire Education - International Kindergarten & Preschool 


Ms Chui

Head of School 

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